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Intimate Bleaching Online Course + Mini Kit

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Learn how to safely and effectively perform Intimate Lightening (Bleaching) services. Hyperpigmentation will appear as a mark, spot, or area that’s noticeably darker than your surrounding skin. However, on the pubic mound and thighs, friction, moisture, and heat create an environment where it spreads. In this online class, we review the reasons and conditions why hyperpigmentation occurs. Furthermore, we provide multiple solutions to correct it. This method can be applied to the underarms, the groin, the vaginal, the anal, buttocks, knees, and elbows. This option includes a mini bleaching kit by Crotch Cosmetics. As part of our collaboration, this kit was constructed by DRL Esthetics students. The kit includes the following: - Illumination Cleanser - Bleaching Ampoule (3) - Brightening Enzyme - Bleaching Creme - Illumination Moisturizer Please note: The kit does not include a Derma Pen. To perform this service, you will need a Derma Pen (preferably A6) with nanoneedle cartridges. You will gain immediate access to the online course by purchasing this class option. Please make sure your name and address are listed.

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