The Intimate Skin Care Kit was developed for hypersensitivr skin.  Our intimate skin is delicate and should be treated as such. Each agent has been formulated to be gentle yet effective while performing vajacials, penacials, derriere facials and thigh facials. Remember our intimate skin is five times more absorbant than our face. Beauty professionals need to be mindful that although you may treat a condition, you can be damaging the clients skin barrier causing sensitivity. 



Intimate Skin Care Kit: Essentials

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  • The Essentials Kit Includes: 

    Deep Cleanser – 15 ml

    Moisturizing Cleanser- 30 ml

    Softening Agent – 50 ml

    Mollifying Powder – 2 oz

    Enzyme Multigrain Stimulant – 2oz

    Toner – 30 ml

    Intimate Skin oil- 2oz

    Exfoliant – 2oz

    Hydration Infusion Gel- 4oz

    Facial bowl- 1

    Facial Brush – 1

    Extraction Kit without Case