The Professional Intimate Skin Care Kit is our BEST kit yet! Providing everything you need for solving reducingand resolving Histamine Reactions post Brazilian Wax, CBD oil for developed for hypersensitive skin, enzymes and glyolic acid cream, we made sure you had everything you needed to get your new career jumping!


Our intimate skin is delicate and should be treated as such. Each agent has been formulated to be gentle yet effective while performing vajacials, penacials, derriere  thigh treatment. Remember our intimate skin is five times more absorbant than our face.




The Professional Intimate Skin Care Kit

  • The Professional Kit Includes:

    *NEW* Glycolic Cleanser – 8z

    *NEW* Clarifying Cleanser - 30 ml

    *NEW* Aloe Vera Cleanser for Sensitive Skin – 8oz

    *NEW fFORMULA* Pre-softening Agent – 50 ml

    Enzyme Multigrain Stimulant – 2oz

    *NEW* Glycolic Acid Cream- 4oz

    *NEW FORMULA* Rosewater Toner – 30 ml

    *NEW* CBD Intimate Skin oil- 2oz

    *NEW* Aloe Vera Steam Cell Gel -8oz

    *NEW FORMULA* Exfoliant – 2oz

    Hydration Infusion Gel- 4oz

    *NEW* Antioxidant Mask- 4oz

    Facial bowl- 1 set

    Facial Brush – 2

    *NEW* Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber

    Extraction Kit